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Total Access to Clarity and Power

Raising my boys and being their mama daily gets me in touch with what it means to be a human being. Babies are so innocent and clear… and then toddlers begin to have an aim. It’s when the energy of the child can be fully felt. Starting around age 5-6, there is a sense of […]

A Tribute to Žarko Laušević: a Remarkable Artist and Dear Friend

The older I get, and with the time and space to reflect on life, everything fits in a way that is hard to describe. This morning’s news of Žarko Laušević passing has shaken me to the core because he was not just one of the greatest actors from our homeland, but also a dear friend. […]

Are You Creating Your Life

I believe that every human being, every life, is a work of art and a potential masterpiece. Isn’t it magical that we are born into a time, a family, a culture, and then one day we pass? That line between the year of birth and the year of death is our life. There are many […]

Power of Daily Practice in Self-discovery

Have you ever felt the magnetic pull of belonging, yet found yourself adapting to fit in with others? Join me on a journey of self-discovery as I reveal the power of simple daily practices and the surprising transformations they brought into my life. I have been trying to adjust my personality to feel like I […]

Here Lies Love

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch the Broadway show “Here Lies Love” with my close friend and a wonderful group of creatives. I like to embrace new experiences without prior knowledge, especially when I’m with people I trust. So, I arrived at the theater with little information about the show. To my surprise, as […]

A World of Creativity and Expression

I believe that every human being is unique. This is a fact not just my belief.  And yet, the structures in our world don’t always support uniqueness. As my children have just completed their 4th and 1st grades with exceeding academic success but were unhappy for most of their school year and felt completely suppressed […]

Love – Anything is Possible

A little over 12 years ago, my friends, Jodi, Kally, and I committed ourselves to speaking every morning for 7 weeks, with a simple intention: clear the way to our desire to meet the love of our lives. It was around that time that I met my now husband of 11 years. But the story […]

Marianne Williamson: Exposing Patriarchy and Breaking Glass Ceilings

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” ~ Marianne Williamson Marianne Williamson just announced that she was running for President of the United States. I saw it in an email the other […]

Listening for What Wants to Happen

What does that even mean? Isn’t life about what we want and getting out there to pave our way to it, find it, or create it? Well… Perhaps this may be too “spiritually charged” but I am going to say it and if it’s not clear, please respectfully ask me to elaborate in comments and […]

Choosing What Is

I am reminded to accept things in my life as they already are. I even spoke these things to a friend out loud last night: “I choose x the way it is because I choose x the way it is.”  The concept is so simple, it’s sometimes hard to not overcomplicate it. But the beauty […]

Birthday Gift

Today is my Birthday, so it’s only natural for me to talk about gifts. The Art of Giving and Receiving is a big deal. It requires awareness and attention because when the balance between the two is disturbed, we feel it. Sometimes overgiving doesn’t feel good for the person receiving because it becomes less about […]

Reflecting on 2022

How was your year?  Do you remember what you were wishing for last year at this time?   I thought 2022 will be a great year. It wasn’t! I learned that some years of our lives are not about success, but about the preparation for it. Astrology offers great insights on this subject if you are […]

Holding People to Account: What It Is and What It Isn’t

In our culture, people are eager to hold others to account. “Holding one to account” is graceful when it’s an acknowledgment of the broken promise (integrity in this relationship), rather than entitlement or judgment of how others should be. Integrity as workability, wholeness, and congruency. A relationship is compromised when we don’t keep our promises […]

Easiest Thing to Do When Stuck and It Always Works

I got myself to the boiling point yesterday. Things were heating up for some time:  my older son was injured at school twice so his schoolwork was piling up as he couldn’t do it the way he used to my younger one stuttering regressed and it was hard to give him what he needed both […]

What is Total Access?

I always wanted to be SUCCESSFUL. Driven and determined, I finally arrived at a place where I believed I could make it happen. But, I needed to reframe how I felt about successful people, so I jumped at the opportunity for a free coaching session to clear my envy and whatever gunk was still in […]

My Happy Place

Next to my piano, a mic, in front of the camera! For every child and adult who: *  was told that their passions should be set aside to do something more serious with their life * held back after being told only a selected few can make it in the industry (film, music, art, and […]

Social Media Break

This is not Virtue Signaling! But for the sake of my mental health, I have to limit my presence on social media. Because I am using FB and IG to connect to friends and communities and know what people I care about are up to, I will not fully disengage but will reduce the time […]

Are You Willing to Live Your Dream

“Are you back in the city?”  said a message from an amazing filmmaker and actress that I had the privilege to be in an acting class with.  “YES!!!” I said with the excitement of someone who hates being unavailable to people.  An opportunity for my younger child to be in a film (while I am […]

My Life is My Message

“My life is my message” is the sentence that always resonated deeply. I struggled so much with everything in my life that didn’t align with this message. I worked hard at it. You might think it’s arrogant to say, but I was always ahead of the curve. Until now, I didn’t own it. The event […]

The Narrative We Create

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  ~ Wayne Dyer  Are you repulsed by self-analysis and generally dislike looking back or rehashing the past? Past is the past. It happened. We can’t change it, so why bother? There is a reason to look at the past. In looking […]

My First Pregnancy

I think all of my life, with some rare occasions of being rebellious, I have wanted to be a wife and a mother.  Definitely, the moment I was clear I wanted to be in a relationship, I was looking forward to everything the relationship would bring: partnership, prosperity, wealth, marriage, and children. I have envied […]

Clean Slate to Create

When I am in a funk, I stop all action until I am back in the mindset that allows for positive results. I don’t sit back and wait to feel better. In fact, I get busy creating space where I am standing at that moment. What that looks like literally is: I spring-clean. If there […]

Becoming a Mom

Every new mom will understand that while I attempted to write my blog a few times since the birth of my baby boy, I have gotten distracted every time. I am writing this 10 weeks later. Giving birth was by far the most challenging and rewarding experience in my life. I have labored naturally, with […]

Relationships Are Created

My coaching client got engaged today, after 7 months of working with me. It made me so happy. On our last call, he got clear about the decision to propose. This was a miracle. Flashback to when he hired me: My client at the time had only a financial coach. So, his finances were in […]

Pursue Your Passion

I believe that every woman should pursue her passion in life. Recently, I asked a client what she would do if she remained single for the rest of her life. At first, she didn’t even want to think about it, afraid of sending the wrong message to God. But then, she realized my point and […]

Finding a Perfect Match

Are you focused on finding a perfect man? If so, your energy is dispersed outward. Are you looking for the right person or trying to change the person in front of you into the one you want? This is insanity! Yet many are guilty of such intentions. But, what works and will never fail you […]

Create Your Love Story

More than a decade ago, when I was dealing with a breakup, a friend of mine told me: You don’t even think real love is possible for you, do you? And for the first time, I realized that happiness of that sort was a distant fantasy, probably not to come true in this lifetime. This […]

Finding Love

I know, for me, so many relationships seemed promising at first. Meeting someone new had my heart excited. I could see a possibility at the beginning. But as the days went by, I would feel more distance than connection. I think women are strong, adaptable, and warriors. I am. So, rather than giving up, I […]

Moving Through the Discomfort

I wonder how much of what I am feeling is just because I am a woman. Assumptions aside, I will own up to my own experience of overwhelm and overflow of emotions. Looking from outside, it may seem like I am just taking a day to play a victim. But what I am feeling doesn’t […]

Believing and Willing

Have you ever doubted your ability to create what you want, especially when it comes to romance?  When I was single and wanted to meet the right guy, many people told me that there was no such thing. That I better be open and make the best from what was already available to me. I […]

The Beginning

I was thinking of beginning this blog for a long time. Nothing felt quite right, so I ended up not posting anything at all. Speaking about the intentions of my writing with other people, I realized there was a demand for conversations about a broken heart. I will share my story, in the present, with […]

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