Create Your Life as a Masterpiece

Have you ever felt like invisible chains are limiting your true potential? Inherited beliefs and survival instincts are restricting your power source, making it hard to navigate uncertainties of life?

It’s a persistent discomfort that you come back to again and again.   You know you’re meant for more and crave freedom and purpose.

Imagine breaking free from these perceived limitations, shedding all that isn’t really you and stepping into the legendary CREATOR that’s been wanting to emerge.

This Program Is For You If…

  • You know you’re not tapping into your true potential
  • You want power to deal  with circumstances in your life
  • You understand that healing is not one and done
  • You dream of a purpose-driven life, and
  • You want the experience that you matter

In a Create Life as a Masterpiece Program,
You’ll Learn How To…

Access Your Source of Power: Understand the design of your Ego Identity and free yourself—your body and mind— from an endless attempt to fix it, so that you can fully access your True Essence and live as the person you were born to be.

Unlock Your Potential and Innate Gifts: Clear the obstacles to creativity so that you can problem solve with ease and know your gifts and how to use them in a way that energizes you rather than depletes you.

Simplify Life to What Matters and Relationships That work: Become a masterful at discerning what is on and off your path and create life from that space of clarity and power.

Awaken Your Intuition and Surrender: Understand the difference between an inner critic and a fear based voice in your head and your true guidance system, when to keep going and when to pull back.

Master Listening and Speaking to Create: Understand the power of connecting by listening powerfully and using language and speaking to create transformative experiences.

 If you know that you were meant for more and understand that

 investing in yourself is the most powerful investment you can make in life

It’s time to stop waiting.

The Curriculum:
Your Journey Through CREATE Your Life as a Masterpiece

In this 10-week long experience (Sept 14 – Nov 16), we’ll delve deep into the roots of Ego Identity, understanding how it works. You’ll uncover your true essence, and the power it has to give you inner peace, strength and guide you forward.

This program will take you on an inner journey within a small community of like-minded people, guided by a masterful facilitator You’ll experience a shift in perspective and learn practices that free you to become a purpose-driven creator, masterful in relationships, and powerful in facing any circumstance in life.

Create Your Life as a Masterpiece – Sept 14th, 2024

Saturday, September 14th, 2024 through
Saturday, November 10th, 2024
11:00-1:00PM ET

Note: All live sessions will be recorded.

Plus, you’ll also receive:

  • Worksheets and material that will simplify your journey
  • Whatsapp Community: A dedicated thread connecting you to like-minded creators and my personal support

Meet Marija Parente

Marija Parente is the founder of Limitless Creating and the creator of the Total Access Method. With nearly three decades of experience as a multidisciplinary artist, leader, and coach, Marija holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from universities in New York City.

Her journey encompasses deep dives into human behavior, healing modalities, family dynamics, communication, transformation, and leadership, and she holds multiple certifications in these areas.

Since 2005, Marija has guided thousands effectively to clear obstacles to inner peace so they can unlock their creative potential and live powerful, purpose-driven lives.

Her tools and teachings are practical and lead to transformative shifts, impacting work, personal life, relationships, and enhancing communication skills and leadership.

Having lived in Europe, Canada, and the United States, Marija brings a unique perspective and employs a universally effective approach. She is also a mother of two boys whom she raises with her husband in New York City.

Hear from Clients

“Completing the process and seeing and sensing my soul essence was so powerful and allowed me to see a thread woven through my life that I hadn’t seen before. Now, it acts as a foundation for me to remember who I am and what I am here to do. I can choose to plug into it, because in the visceral experience of unearthing it-it was so clear. I highly recommend this transformational work.”

Tuition options:

One-time Payment $1350
Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Installments of $500

NOTE: If you have done the program already or have done the Total Access journey, the tuition to review is $299. Please contact me directly for the invoice.


Will the class be live?

Yes.  Every class is live on Zoom. For the best results, you attending every session is recommended.  Please let me know in advance if you will miss a session and listen to the recording as soon as you’re able.  You will have the access to the recordings.

Do I have to do something to prepare

Not at all. The way you are works because it’s you and what you will bring to the program and what you will use to become masterful creator in your own life.

Will there be a community support?

Yes, with a commitment to respecting everyone’s journey, you’ll interact with other students and support each other to enhance the speed and effectiveness of your results.

Have more questions?

Send an email here, and someone will respond promptly.


Creating Life as Your Masterpiece is an invitation to a new culture of human kind – a community committed to being powerful creators in the world leading from fulfillment, strength, and mutual support.

Are you ready?

When you design your life

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