Clean Slate to Create

When I am in a funk, I stop all action until I am back in the mindset that allows for positive results. I don’t sit back and wait to feel better. In fact, I get busy creating space where I am standing at that moment.

What that looks like literally is: I spring-clean. If there is a mess around me, I clean it up. It may be a desk drawer or a closet. I set aside what I don’t need and what no longer represents me. My intention is to move something in a physical environment until I can feel a shift internally.

When things are sorted out in my environment, I am naturally pulled to do something. If this is not obvious, I complete an ordinary task that I know needs to get done. The more I get done, the more my confidence grows. I naturally feel better, and a sense of empowerment arises.

People thrive in more orderly surroundings that pull them towards what needs to be accomplished. An organized environment is like a clean slate that allows us to create newly. Otherwise, we are compensating for what is in a way.

So, if you are disempowered or feeling the weight of the task in front of you, try to stop and refocus your energy on something you can clear with ease. Who knows what magical thing you can create when you give up the pushing.