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Have you ever felt there has to be more to life than this?
Has it been a hustle to get where you are with no true contentment or inner peace.

The growing intolerance for the way things are is actually a sign that something has taken center stage in your life. It is fighting for dominance against your own internal sense of truth that is stronger and more capable than even you can imagine.

That something is EGO, a manufactured identity that eclipses who you really are at your core, submerging your true essence and your deeply felt purpose for living.

Because EGO is originally created to help you survive, you may still believe that it serves you. But the more you bend to its control, the further removed you become from YOU, your true power, sense of freedom and limitless creativity.

As a Master Total Access™️ Coach, my mission in life is to enable you to access the unique design of this “survival mechanism”, your EGO, and to learn how to outwit the old design so your true self is the creator of your life, not the default reactive mechanism that keeps getting you in trouble.

My TOTAL ACCESS PROGRAM is a 3-month 1:1 process that uncovers and renders harmless the designed identity that is your EGO.

Step #1 – Ego Deconstruction

  • Understand the 4 walls of the ego’s winning side, what it provides and what it costs you
  • Understand the destructive side of your ego and how damaging it is for you and others
  • The events of the past loosen their grip and you get to let them go
  • You see how your life is a repetition of the same events and feel compassion for people who remain unaware (including for yourself before now).
  • You see life happening for you, not against you, giving you what you need even if it’s not what you want.

Step #2 – Clearing the Lineage and Family System

  • Understand how you fit in a larger system to release burdens and only carry on with gifts
  • Clear the pull to draw within the lines out of fears that may be coming to you from your ancestors rather than from your life experience
  • Uncover what is working against you, if at all, so that you experience yourself as a fulfillment of the dream of your ancestors

Step #3 – Soul Essence and Soul Intention

  • Allow yourself to recognize and be moved by who you really are, your True Self – your Soul Essence
  • See the perfect logic of how hard your ego tried to get you to expand and why it could never have you align with your Soul Intention
  • You learn how to stay on path

Step #4 – Create Your Archetype and Mission

  • In the world we live in, while your Soul Essence is your source, you need a conscious ego, or an archetype to fully play the current game of life.
  • Your archetype is created and can be recreated.
  • What you need then is a vehicle – Mission, that is a possible way to fulfill on your soul intention. And if you already know your Mission, you will be able to bring to it a whole new perspective and appreciation.


When you allow yourself to disocever how your identity (ego) gets created, recognizing that you are the one who decided who you were and had to be, you will:

  • Be present to love and compassion for all people
  • Experience unlimited power
  • Have confidence to adventure into uncharted territories
  • Feel inner peace and freedom to be you

  • "The process of Ego Deconstruction with Marija was a powerful exploration into how I see the world and the main stories and perceptions that govern my life. To do this with Marija is to be held with so much love as you see the sometimes tender and vulnerable times in your life through a new lens. Completing the process and seeing and sensing my soul essence was so powerful and allowed me to see a thread woven through my life that I hadn't seen before. Now, it acts as a foundation for me to remember who I am and what I am here to do. I can choose to plug into it, because in the visceral experience of unearthing it-it was so clear. I highly recommend this transformational work."

    Clare A. Monteau Ph.D.
    Clare A. Monteau Ph.D. CEO Clare Monteau LLC.
  • "The idea of deconstructing my ego was compelling. I didn’t know what I would learn. I was in a moment in life where things were going well but there was a certain level of stagnation in some areas. I was looking for a way to tap into some flow.  Through this process I learned a lot about myself and the way that I have constructed my world. This was an important exploration because it made me more conscious of how my ways of being had created my condition. I was experiencing stagnation because I had come to approach things in a certain way. I had constructed a shell to live within which, by its very design, meant I could only grow so much. This realization opened my world. I could choose another way. Marjia was a gentle facilitator. Her questions helped me to reframe my limiting beliefs and with her guidance I found that I could reimagine my life choices. The work is challenging but rewarding and I find that I refer to my learnings daily. I am more deliberate in the way I move in the world. I can recognize when my ego is activated and make another choice."

    Tonya Leslie Ph.D
    Tonya Leslie Ph.D Educator & Author
  • "When I went through the ego deconstruction work with Marija, I realized that I didn't have to fight through life. Instead, I could come from my true essence. While it seems that the distinction is subtle, I have been able to create a whole new world around myself where there is no struggle or at least not for very long. For example, my fights with my husband were very long and the rest of the family would get involved. Now, when there is a conflict, we notice and move into a space of how we can creatively solve the issue at hand. As an artist, I used to be exhausted with all that I expected of myself, pushing myself to be better and do more. The "I'll show you" that was driving me now makes me laugh, and because I am not pushing, I am naturally being pulled to create what works, when it works. It's a dance. There is also more harmony with my family, especially my mother, who I used to have a difficult dynamic with. This feels like it's healing generations of women that came before us. It’s not just about her and me. I would highly recommend this work. As you peel off the layers of what isn't essentially you, there is so much beauty underneath which is so important in a current climate that is filled with noise, conflicts and disagreements. This work not only allows for one's own peace of mind, but for one to be more effective in life overall."

    Elizabeth Gollan
    Elizabeth Gollan Artist

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