Family Constellation Session

Total access single session

If you’re struggling with a persistent problem that keeps you awake at night, the Total Access™ method offers a solution.

The private session is tailored to get to the root cause of a seemingly complex issue by looking at the context of the problem beyond the individual person. Some of our challenges began before we were born and are part of our family line, culture, etc., and therefore, the impact cannot be resolved without looking through a wider lens. Often, solutions are in our blind spot or result from an expanded viewpoint.

This process requires someone skilled in facilitating the session in a way that is collaborative, logical, and effective.

I guarantee that you will gain a new perspective, space, and freedom around this issue if you schedule your session NOW and show up.

In the Private session, you will have a transformative experience, and will:

  • Be able to identify the root cause of this challenge
  • Gain fresh insights and perspectives
  • Break free from limiting views about it
  • Propel yourself into decisive action

My approach, called Total Access™️ blends Family Constellations, the Awareness Process, and Transformational Coaching ensuring a comprehensive and effective resolution.

  • "The day I called Marija, my entire life changed. Her work, simply put, is transformational. Marija provides a no-judgment, safe zone that allows for honest communication, clearing, re-centering and re-structuring your life for success. She gives you the tools that you need to help you envision, and then build, the life of your dreams. As a coach, Marija listens with a trained ear. Marija challenges you to elevate your purpose. She encourages with compassion to overcome fear, move past your comfort zone, and unlock your full potential. Life is a journey, success is within your reach. Marija can help you get there. She is the absolute best at what she does. Give her a call. You will only wish you had done it sooner!"

    Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller Partner at Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel, LLP
  • "Marija has a beautiful presence, she is very passionate about her work and operates with the highest integrity. Her wealth of knowledge allows her to draw on many disciplines in the awareness arena and she uses many tools to incorporate into her teachings. Her ego deconstruction work and her family constellations are most incredible and life changing.“

    Karina Hirani
    Karina Hirani Awareness Process Facilitator
  • "Marija is a genius. I am a professional and have taught thousands of women to break free of their self limiting patterns. As a published author, speaker and teacher, Marija is still who I count on at the end of the day. She can see through anything and unblock anyone. If you've seen Billions, she is beyond Wendy Rhoades. I'd say she's my secret weapon. Well, maybe not so secret anymore. ;)"

    Kasia Urbaniak
    Kasia Urbaniak
  • "Marija is a gifted coach and intuitive healer; she uses all of her many skills and talents to help bring the willing student to a place of self awareness and living with one’s truest self. It is only because she has put herself through the same rigor of consciousness work that she can hold your hand while you walk that path. In fact she has worked harder than anyone I know. This is why she is perfectly poised to teach and cultivate the best version of the Self. She is the real deal. I have learned with her and from her, and it is always illuminating."

    Lisa Crandall
    Lisa Crandall Spirit Seeker
  • "Marija Parente is a compassionate and generous coach. She is quickly able to identify a specific target of focus and then gently move you in the direction of reflection and review so that you can overcome whatever obstacles stand in the way of achieving your heart's desire. Marija starts with the understanding that we are the experts in our own lives. We hold the knowledge to change things--but sometimes we need to be reminded of our genius. She has the tools that help you get back to being your best self."

    Tonya Leslie
    Tonya Leslie
  • "My life has been transformed by this work! My family runs more smoothly and powerfully as a result, and we are all expressing our creative gifts more with every passing day. Highly recommend!!!"

    Elizabeth Gollan
    Elizabeth Gollan Artist
  • "Having a personal coach, a great one like Marija Parente, is one of the most practical things that you can do to take care of yourself. Imagine having an objective partner spotting you once a week. Even if you’re improving your direction by .1% during each session over the course of a year that can make a huge difference. In only two years with Marija as my coach I’ve gone from a low to a high five figure income doing work that I love while also generating original creative content regularly like never before."

    Amir Gollan
    Amir Gollan Stand-up Comedian

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