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Kasia Urbaniak,
Founder of Mistress Academy for Women, artist and author

Clare A. Monteau Ph.D,
CEO Clare Monteau LLC.

Coaching Clients

  • "Marija is a phenomenal coach and I am so honored at the opportunity to write her a testimonial.  She has an unshakeable commitment to being and bringing the space of compassion to her clients and it was this commitment that had me take remarkable ground in being compassionate with myself.  While she was coaching me, I was able to deepen my relationship with my husband and empower him in what he is up to.  I was also able to forgive myself for some things I didn't even realize I had been angry with myself for and learn how to really enjoy the life I have created, while--of course--powerfully creating what's next.  She gives infinite space for whatever I'm dealing with and is uncannily able to hear what I need, whether it's radically or subtly different from what I thought I needed!  Since I am also a coach, her listening for and coaching of me, has really supported me in providing breakthrough results for my clients as well."

    Hilary Hayes
    Hilary Hayes Writer, Embodied Spirituality Teacher, Pleasure and Abundance Coach
  • "I’ve had the pleasure of both co-coaching with Marija Parente as well as being coached by her for 2 years. I’ve seen her produce miraculous results in both my life and other’s. We’ve tackled issues in business, life and love. Since working with Marija I have produced more results in my business then I ever thought possible. I re-launched my coaching practice and am attracting new clients with ease. In life and love (which also parallels to business) Marija has taught me to open my heart. She’s guided me to work through past hurts, stood by my side and assisted me through current ones, taught me lessons in every situation I’ve encountered, and  facilitated my growth through the toughest of times. Marija has gone above and beyond our coaching agreement with her time, support, communication and love. Her commitment to my success and all of her clients successes is remarkable. Thank you Marija for all that you do!"

    Brittany Brown International Master Coach & Speaker at Beating Binge Eating
  • "Hiring Marija as my performance coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Marija is a results-driven professional with a unique twist. Adding intuition, dynamic compassion and empathy, Marija provides insightful interpretations and offers access to viable solutions specifically for her clients. It’s like she sees around corners and through obstacles, where I can’t and leads me to an opening and a space for action, breakthroughs and results. When I started working with Marija, my focus was on my career, specifically securing a new job and increasing my income. I got that and so much more. With Marija’s coaching I achieved my intended goals– new job, more money and even an extra salary increase in my first three months. I’ve always believed “how you do one thing is how you do everything…how you do your life”; but it took Marija’s whole life approach for achieving goals for me to truly experience it and to see that I can create/achieve anything I desire. Now I’m excited and inspired about new relationships, developing new business and creative projects and more fun. Marija enabled me to experience myself as someone who lives -- and performs -- at high level of energy, in alignment with my commitments, with clarity…and with an entirely new level of confidence and accomplishment."

    Joanne Casulli Holistic Health and Lifestyle Consultant, Marketing Profession
  • "Some friends and I wanted to work on resolving issues we felt have been coming up for us for years (in relationships etc.). We had all done other types of work before and liked the fact that Marija draws upon multiple sources (ego work, family constellations, etc.) in her coaching. We decided to do a group coaching call once a week for about 6 sessions.  With only 3 of us (plus Marija) in  1.5 hour sessions we were able to clarify the sources of each of our challenges, understand them really clearly and recognize for ourselves why they continue to pop up. The calls were very interactive so not only did we all receive Marija’s coaching but we were able to learn from and support each other. She also created a whatsapp group so that we could support each other and share resources. By the end she equipped us with tools we needed to address these issues when they popped up. As a finale Marija facilitated a family constellation session that gave us a very visual way to put the past in the past and look into the future without the burdens of the past. Plus we created new visions of who we are and want to be going forward. Throughout the process Marija made herself available with additional support, suggestions and resources. She was kind and generous with her time and in her coaching and I felt heard, supported and safe. I highly recommend working with Marija and plan to continue working with her going forward."

  • "I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Marija Parente since 2009. She was my mentor during the time I was an Introduction Leader for Landmark Education from 2009-2011. Marija has the unique ability of listening keenly and being able to get to the heart of the matter of what you are trying to convey. She is someone who you can trust completely and be yourself with which is a rare quality to find. Marija's communication skills are clear, concise and you leave the conversation feeling empowered, heard, and acknowledged. She is someone who is committed to have you win in your life and that is someone I want in my corner. She is an extraordinary mentor, coach, person, who has had me fulfill on so many area of my life that matter to me, such as successfully causing me to co-found a youth music and leadership program, have me step out of my comfort zone as a cover singer for the past 13 years in a rock band where I now have written 4 original songs and can call myself a singer/songwriter, continue to have me expand my passion in fundraising and where I am a partner in an upcoming local community music festival and a global music festival raising money for local and global charities, has me see myself as a powerful, entrepreneur of my life and stands for my unconditional love for my husband and mother. I can go on and on about Marija Parente and who she is for me thanks to the opportunity that Landmark Education gave me as an Introduction Leader having her choose to be my mentor and I am blessed and honored to call her friend for life AND TO ME ONE OF THE BEST COACHES IN THE WORLD, IF YOU WANT TO WIN IN YOUR LIFE, HAVE RESULTS TO THE AREAS THAT MATTER TO YOU, SOMEONE WHO HAS YOU BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR LIFE!"

    Regina Rossi-Lamothe
    Regina Rossi-Lamothe Healthy Lifestyle Empowerment Coach & Fitness Instructor
  • “Working with Marija was very eye-opening. How she works through a constellation was different than what I was accustomed, and it created a clear path for my story to unfold. I appreciated the multi-layered approach she used to gain clarity of my path. Marija focuses on you, and only you. What unfolds is your path as it is today, and what it could be. Marija helped me to see that in order to get what I desired, I needed to focus in a completely different direction. She opened that door of recognition and understanding. It was specifically Marija's work with me that allowed me to see clearly what was in front of and behind me. Because of Marija, I saw what I couldn't previously see, and how, if I continued in that direction, I would potentially be missing out on what I truly desired. Marija provides a clear and impartial view of your life path. I would highly recommend Marija to work with to gain clarity on what you desire for your life.”

    Penny Consulting Executive

Family Constellations

  • "I had a family constellation with Marija Parente at the end of January and I learned a lot about the repeat patterns that I have.  I went in with a clear intention of something that was triggering me with hopes I could make better choices. I didn’t fully understand what was going on during the session but, at the end everything made sense and it was clear to me how I view myself and the people in my life. The session reinforced things I already knew and helped me to reevaluate the choices I’ve made throughout my life. Marija was on point about the situation and allowed me to figure it out afterwards. If you have the opportunity, book a session with Marija. I had always wanted to work with her in family constellations as I’ve heard how much she’s helped others and she didn’t disappoint."

    Elizabeth Tritsch
    Elizabeth Tritsch Date Attraction Expert & Dating Coach
  • “This was my first experience with family constellation online.  I was blown away by how amazing it was and how talented Marija is. I did one with Marija's mentor in person which was amazing.  I have to say this online experience with Marija was just as impactful. What came out was something I was blind to and was playing in the background in all my relationships causing barriers I wasn’t present to and now I am. Marija is gifted. The space she holds for what’s needed to show up is exquisite. I HIGHLY recommend Marija for all the services she provides and certainly for family constellation.”

    Marci Lerner
    Marci Lerner Leadership and Accountability Coach
  • "Doing a constellation with you, Marija, gave me a very clear understanding of the roles my loved ones have played in my life; where I stand in relation to them, and what I need to do now. What you saw, and clearly and compassionately articulated, allowed stuck artistic and emotional energy to start flowing, and it hasn’t stopped. Long buried mysteries were resolved. Even my marriage shifted: the constellation caused me to see my husband in the fuller, stronger context of his family of origin. Most of all and very beautifully, I have the sense, more than ever before, of knowing my place in the world, and it feels magnificent! So super-efficient, too. In one hour, I experienced movement in so many realms. I wish everyone on earth could experience the blessing of this work, so that they can know who they are; heal what needs to be healed, and do the work they came to do in this world.  Thank you, Marija!"

    Elizabeth Gollan
    Elizabeth Gollan Artist
  • Working with Marija in a family constellation workshop was a very powerful experience for me. Marija is a talented and insightful guide as one navigates the minefield of a family’s impact on oneself. I found it profoundly moving to see how we learn to relate to others based on how past generations reacted to their environments. It was also empowering to visualize and see how these mechanisms can hold us back and restrict freedom. Things can be healed in the moment as they surface. Something that needed opening was accessed and I am forever grateful to Marija for that gift 🎁!

    Lisa Crandall
    Lisa Crandall Spiritual Learner and Awareness Coach
  • I have had the great fortune of experiencing a number of family constellation therapy sessions with Marija Parente. Afterward I am clear, inspired, empowered and energized. The insights about myself from looking through this lens are profound. I cannot recommend working with Marija highly enough.

    Karen Jacobson
    Karen Jacobson Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, Performer

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