Creative Shift from Survival to Limitless Creating

They say parenthood and marriage must be lived to be truly understood. Similarly, in the realm of transformational work, words often fail to capture the profound change on the other side of “work”. It’s a paradigm shift, not just improvement—a journey I’ve experienced firsthand.

Reflecting on my own life, I recall the time when I believed a green card would unlock the doors to my dreams in the USA. Little did I know, true success isn’t handed to you; it’s earned through hard work and determination. Yet, obtaining that green card in 2011 and citizenship in 2018 marked a total shift, not just for me, but for the family I created that is now able to live anywhere in Europe, America or Canada.

Transformation isn’t confined to tangible results — it’s a state of being. I discovered this when I could distinguish between merely existing and authentically creating my life. The shift from reactive ego to creative essence is subtle yet profound. It’s the difference between feeling drained vs. energized by your actions.  Think of exercising … it takes a real effort sometimes but it feels so good after. Creating doesn’t mean it requires nothing, it’s just that we know that the outcome of it creates openings, energy, life…

Recently, during a business training, I found myself grappling with how to communicate the message of my work in a way that people who want the work can understand it. I can surrender to being a student, so it made me giggle that this public grappling had someone message me in private: “I am your ideal client.” When we connected later, she admitted she yearned for more despite all her external success and also, lots of personal growth work behind her.  And this is true for all of us.  The moment we stop expanding, we are no longer creating.  This is why I am continually learning, even if unrelated to my work: Astrology, French, singing, acting to name a few things I’ve been learning about or practicing on a side.

This encounter had me reflect on my own journey.  I engaged in transformational work when I was experiencing my life as mere survival and laid the foundation for the life I live now. I actually can allow my yearning while the success I created isn’t limited to “looks good on paper.”  If you hang out with me and my family, you will see that we are real, we mess up continually but we always get back up, and continually create our way forward.  We are not ambitious at the expense of ourselves or others.  But we are out there, clearing, creating and listening for what wants to happen (this merely means, we trust that sometimes the Universe has a better answer than the one we can come up with in our head that is limited to our experience and imagination).

As fellow travelers on this journey called life, let’s remember our innate desire to expand and evolve. Let’s choose creation over reaction, empowerment over limitation. Together, let’s embark on the Creative Shift—the journey to unlocking our fullest potential.

With unwavering stand for limitless creating,