Creating a NEW YOU

Do you know the signs that show you that you are out of alignment? That give you a sense that there is dissonance between what you really want to do here in this world and what you are actually doing?

For me, the signs creep in slowly. I get bored, impatient, critical, judgmental, angry, and eventually, I lash out…I have heard my close friends warn people “don’t mess with Marija.”

Underneath that tough facade (the survival mechanism, not my true nature), is a creative power that feels much like the power of the sea. There is calm and storm and everything in between…the power source I feel from within.

We all have that power source, the true essence of who we are, the infinite potential that is ready to be used, shared, elevated, transformed. It’s the consciousness itself but coming through our unique self.

My brilliant acting teacher, Sande Shurin, who made her final transformation just a few days ago, helped me build confidence to expose this vulnerable part of me and use the rest of my ego to create characters that express a wide variety of emotions. In her classes, I sometimes even played characters against my type to bring up different parts of me to the surface and shift into the character in the script or the person I wanted to be in my life.

In honor of my love for Sande and her final words to those of us who were her students to keep living on the edge of CREATION, I revisited and lead a “Create a NEW you“ practice.  

This practice is based on the chapter of my ebook Clean Slate to Create where I argue that we can inhabit any way of being if we practice it like it’s a character in a film or play.  Sande talked about the authentic self and our personal signature, reminding us continually to STOP ACTING.  

I help people see how they constructed their ego identity so they can bring forth their true essence and design their life as an expression of it.  In the world of infinite potential, creating the best version of who we are is what keeps us aligned and empowered in our work, relationships and our creative expressions.  

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Alongside other work I participated in my transformational journey that I share about on my YouTube channel is the work I’ve done in Sande’s class.  I will share the video about my work with her here

Please tell me about the work that has impacted you and your life in comments.