Finding a Perfect Match

Are you focused on finding a perfect man?

If so, your energy is dispersed outward. Are you looking for the right person or trying to change the person in front of you into the one you want?

This is insanity! Yet many are guilty of such intentions. But, what works and will never fail you is to focus your energy on yourself.  

When you think of “the perfect man,” start imagining what his perfect match would look like and then BE her.  

For example:

  • If you want someone wealthy, look at your finances. Are you waiting for someone to be a quick fix for things that you have never been responsible for? If so, be sure that your relationship will fail or that you will be dominated.

I don’t mean you have to be like the guy you want to be with, but don’t think you will interest a guy who is up to something if you are sitting at home and waiting. You don’t have to be up to the same things, but you need to honor and be great at what matters to you. Then, you will meet people who are up to something and are great at what matters to them. 

When you are both fulfilled, then chances are, the relationship will be fulfilling.

Don’t force a relationship to happen! Instead, allow it to happen! 

Don’t try to change men! Instead, work on yourself to match who you dream of being.  

This is how your access and create an amazing relationship.