Are You Creating Your Life

I believe that every human being, every life, is a work of art and a potential masterpiece.

Isn’t it magical that we are born into a time, a family, a culture, and then one day we pass? That line between the year of birth and the year of death is our life. There are many who never even got the chance to play, let alone express their innermost desires in the world. Over my 4.5 decades in this world, I have heard things like:

  • They were born in the wrong time
  • Their life was too short
  • They never got to fulfill their potential, etc.

And these words used to scare me.

The simplest access to a great life is accepting reality as it is and then creating what we want it to look like. But nobody can do it alone.

Wrestling with my most recent desire and what was in the way of me realizing it in reality, I have uncovered that not only did I carry the weight of some old childhood stories about how I shouldn’t want what I wanted, but I was surrounding myself with people who didn’t understand or approve of my dream. It’s not “people’s” job to approve of my vision, it is my job to stand for it and inspire enough people around me so it can come true.

I realized that the two people I loved talking to the most in my life were the two people with whom I felt safe sharing my desire. Those who disapproved helped me crystalize it because my literal experience of sharing with them was to feel very small.

Our desires are never wrong, but sometimes it’s hard to reach them through all the considerations, concerns, insecurities, and inner (or even outer) disapproval. But they are worth our digging because when we unleash our desires, life suddenly feels beautiful and meaningful. There is still a need to stay on the path and take actions in this direction, but the moment you are on the path, life feels good.

Are you clear on your desires and who around you is holding space for them to be realized in this lifetime?