Every new mom will understand that while I attempted to write my blog a few times since the birth of my baby boy, I have gotten distracted every time. I am writing this 10 weeks later.

Giving birth was by far the most challenging and rewarding experience in my life. I have labored naturally, with no medications. There were times I wished I could just pause and take a break. But, the only way out was through, and the way through was scary.

Since I am a professional coach, I had my time planned perfectly. The baby came 4 weeks early. But, since all my stuff was listed in my calendar, I printed it all and assured everything I needed to do was canceled or rescheduled. By being responsible, I absorbed the impact. My husband was by my side and had me appreciate all the single moms out there who had to do it alone. Our partnership was so important to me during times I lacked control.

After many hours of labor, the nurse rushed in with a team of doctors. They were preparing me for an emergency c-section. I was scared. I never stayed in a hospital before and was totally unprepared. There was no other choice as they were making sure to keep the baby safe. The good part was that they put me under general anesthesia, so I didn’t have to mentally deal with surgery.

A few hours later, I woke up in severe pain and with dryness in my mouth. My contractions continued and were really painful. Besides the physical discomfort, I was angry that they had to cut me open. It took me 3 days to put the pieces of a puzzle together and to reframe having a C-section as a gift. I finally understood what I was told many times before: each birth is different and perfect in its own way.

My baby is healthy, and the journey of motherhood is challenging and life-altering. I am grateful to all the moms who shared what I needed to know to make this experience more pleasurable for my family.