I know, for me, so many relationships seemed promising at first. Meeting someone new had my heart excited. I could see a possibility at the beginning. But as the days went by, I would feel more distance than connection.

I think women are strong, adaptable, and warriors. I am. So, rather than giving up, I would adjust who I was to try and stay connected to these men. Of course, this didn’t work, and eventually, even I could see that.

Without exception, I knew deep inside that these relationships were not a fit for me. The experience of discomfort was my best indicator for it. But the fear of failing and losing would prevail against my instincts. I didn’t listen to them back then.

If you are seeking love, you are your most accurate instrument to knowing what is true. Do everything to experience what is deep within, the gut feeling, the voice of your heart. You can meditate on it, paint or free-write. It will never fail you.

Do a bit of soul searching before you make big promises with words like ALWAYS and FOREVER. These words, said lightly, will later only be in the way of you recognizing seeds of love that lasts.

Don’t be afraid to take the time and say NO. Repeat it as often as you need to, and until your internal radar approves.

You can find love by breaking old contracts, clearing the space, and listening to your inner voice.