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(Through a Family Constellation Lens)

Access Your Gifts: “From Burdens to Blessings”

SAT, Dec 16, 2023

11:30AM – 1 PM EST


You are blessed with an abundance of gifts. Why are you, then, unable to manifest them fully and share your unique talents with others openly and freely?

These gifts spring from a limitless source: YOU. Your natural SELF is the well from which you draw all of your inspiration, imagination, and creativity. Rather than accessing ALL that you are with ease, you may be experiencing the burden: “I should do more of this,” “I am meant to do more,” or “why can’t I express what I am about easily” etc.

Your access to your gifts is buried under layers of self-doubtuncertainty, and even fear. These layers prevent you from seeing what lies beneath, the beauty and wonder that is YOU.

My work is to guide you to clear up the channel to the source of your talents: YOU. When you connect to your true and natural self, you express your gifts without limitation. It’s incredibly freeing to live life continually expressing your blessings rather than the burden of not accessing all that is truly YOU.

I invite you to register for my workshop to unburden yourself from what is holding you back and clear the path to access your natural gifts.

Access Mother: “From Confusion to Clarity”

WED, Dec 20, 2023

6:30 – 8 PM EST


The most impactful relationship in your life is with your birth mother. Unfortunately, many people don’t enjoy a positive relationship with their mother, and some have no relationship at all.

Not being at peace with your mother can impact you in ways that curb your freedom of choice and your ability to just be yourself. Unresolved issues with your mother also impact other family relationships and can adversely affect you in life, crushing your personal and career goals.

This workshop is an opportunity to access your true relationship with your mother, to examine it with total clarity; how it served you, how it sometimes broke you. You are not doing this work for your mother, you are doing this work for you.  Freeing yourself from old patterns will finally set you free.

Access Father: “From Darkness to Insight”

TUE, Dec 26, 2023

6:30 – 8 PM EST


Relationship with our father often gets overlooked as the relationship with a mother is the primary and most essential bond. Our relationship with our father is usually a reaction to that.

If your relationship with your father feels broken, then a part of you also feels broken. To understand all that YOU are, to know your true SELF independent of another’s opinion and viewpoint, you have to heal this relationship. Access to who your father is (or was, if he’s passed away), access to what he has given you, or what he has taken away, is an incredibly healing process. You deserve the freedom that is available when this relationship heals.

My workshop allows you to uncover the hidden dynamic in the relationship with your father and gain insight into who YOU are. It will provide you with access to living life on your terms, feeling grounded, and in control of your future.

Access Abundance: “From Inhibition to Creativity”

WED, Jan 3, 2024

6:30 – 8 PM EST


Do you ever experience problems that don’t seem to resolve? Do you wonder why you are not capable of fixing what’s wrong when you know you should be able to?

The simple explanation – the truth of it – is that the mind, your mind, that created the problem is not the mind that can solve it. Said another way, solving any problem requires a shift of viewpoint, a change of perception of what’s at play here. And that is your own innate Creativity at work.

So what’s stopping you from creating? Well, that’s the work I do. Without Creativity nothing happens. Without Creativity, there is NO ABUNDANCE. Without Creativity, the life looks like Groundhog Day, same story different day.

If you want to clear the obstacles in the way of this innate ability you have, so you can access total freedom, please sign up for the workshop.

Access in Relationships: “From Pain to Healing”

THU, Jan 11, 2023

6:30 PM – 8 PM EST


Your life is an expression of the relationships you have with people in your life. So, to have a better life, you must create better relationships. And that means being able to resolve conflicts, let go, forgive, and at times just move on.

Not every relationship is worth your time and energy. It’s not because people are underserving. It’s simply because not every relationship supports you. And not every person can see you for who you really are.

When you interact with another person, both of you are bringing to that exchange your entire family system. No relationship occurs in a vacuum. Every one of us belongs to our family dynamic. And that explains why certain relationships spiral downward despite all our efforts to salvage it. It’s because our family system is impacting us in ways that put a resolution beyond our control.

My workshop helps you shine the light on your entire family system so you can access the true dynamic between you and the other person, understand what’s really going on, and clear away those external influences at play. The gift to yourself is sense of relief, and clarity on how to remedy the fractured relationship, or how to let go.

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  • I have had the great fortune of experiencing a number of family constellation therapy sessions with Marija Parente. Afterward I am clear, inspired, empowered and energized. The insights about myself from looking through this lens are profound. I cannot recommend working with Marija highly enough.

    Karen Jacobson
    Karen Jacobson Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, Performer
  • Working with Marija in a family constellation workshop was a very powerful experience for me. Marija is a talented and insightful guide as one navigates the minefield of a family’s impact on oneself. I found it profoundly moving to see how we learn to relate to others based on how past generations reacted to their environments. It was also empowering to visualize and see how these mechanisms can hold us back and restrict freedom. Things can be healed in the moment as they surface. Something that needed opening was accessed and I am forever grateful to Marija for that gift 🎁!

    Lisa Crandall
    Lisa Crandall Spiritual Learner and Awareness Coach
  • "I had the honor to have a Family Constellation session with Marija. I came to the session entirely open. I wanted to explore what I thought might be a block in one aspect of my life that felt stagnant. Marija walked me through the process of the session and then, lovingly took me on an incredible journey. In our session together, I clearly saw how family dynamics and patterns had left me in the position of holding things that didn't belong to me. Marija facilitated a moment where I could literally lay those burdens down and the release and relief I felt was palpable. I left the space feeling lighter. I also felt a sense of curiosity and compassion for myself and for my family. Thank you Marija for holding such divine space and for taking me on an incredible journey of self-discovery."

    Tonya Leslie Ph.D
    Tonya Leslie Ph.D Educator & Author
  • "I just want to say thank you sooo much for the work you do with Family Constellations. This work has allowed me to literally heal at least 4 generations of my family line. I am experiencing such a deep and profound healing from this work I feel such a well of gratitude! There were things that were deeply affecting my everyday life that I seemingly had no access to. Through just a few group sessions and one on one sessions I have uncovered deep issues from the feminine line in my family that had not been addressed and resolved. Its like I've had spiritual and mental blindfolds taken off of me. Thank you sooooooo much for allowing yourself to be used in this way!"

    Michelle Mathison
    Michelle Mathison Development Director
  • "Every constellation I have done is extremely different. I left it all in Marija’s hands to guide me, ask me questions and follow her lead. What I discovered was to really trust her in the process, because what she told me when the constellation was done, confirmed what I knew. It showed me that while I often don't, it was safe to listen to my own intuition. I really shifted my being to: I can do what I set my mind to.  I was able to see and acknowledge what was in front of me and look within not out. Marija was so on point with this constellation and now has me looking at my life in new ways and if you want an answer to any pressing question or want to dive deeper into your life, then book your session. Marija will help you see blind spots around what it is you want an answer about."

    Heather Cooper
    Heather Cooper Real Estate Broker