Unlocking the Path to Authentic Connection


Whether you prefer to fly under the radar or thrive on being the center of attention, our relationship blueprints were shaped during our tween years, molding how we show up in our connections today.

I vividly recall a moment in 5th grade when I felt compelled to fight for attention. During a native language class, a new student’s dramatic recitation left me feeling overshadowed and unsettled. It was a turning point that ignited a determination to prove myself, reshaping my approach to relationships.

But as I discovered, this relentless pursuit of validation came with both advantages and costs. While it pushed me to grow and step out of my comfort zone, it also left me feeling disconnected and driven by external validation rather than internal fulfillment.

Can you relate to this constant urge to prove yourself or yearn for special recognition?

We all carry relationship blueprints from our formative years, shaping how we navigate connections as adults.

But here’s the thing: awareness is the key to breaking free from these patterns. By recognizing the impulses and emotions rooted in our past experiences, we can cultivate more authentic and fulfilling relationships.

So, I invite you to reflect:

  • Who are you in your relationships?
  • Are you constantly striving to prove yourself?
  • Or perhaps you find yourself being overly protective?

Let’s embark on a journey together to unlock your relationship blueprint and pave the way for deeper, more meaningful connections.

It’s time to rewrite the script and embrace the magic of authentic connection.

Are you ready to dive in?



Saturday, May 11th, 2024

10 -11:30 AM EST


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Marija Parente,

Total Access™️ Coach

  • I have done two constellation workshops with Marija and have found them to be indispensable opportunities for continued growth as an individual and as a piece of a societal puzzle that we all are connected to and navigate daily. Marija does a beautiful job as a facilitator and leader, using her set of specific gifts to help open a portal to Truth. Seeing ourselves as who we really are instead of who others decided we were-this is where the real magic happens. Our most recent workshop, in response to the Pandemic, was as revelatory as it was medicinal for the many ways in which we have all suffered and lost so much within that context. I was left with a new sense of ownership over my reactions and interactions as well as a renewed hope for humankind.

    Lisa Crandall
    Lisa Crandall Spirit Seeker
  • "Your workshop meant so much to me. Since I attended I have really reflected and started to see government and others who I disagree with about the pandemic, politically or economically in a different light. We are all people at the end of the day and so I see those in power through different glasses, with a gentler and kinder filter you could say. This has enabled me to feel lighter and worry free that all will work itself out one way of the other. This too shall eventually pass. I also had a breakthrough around my own stake in this life and through these times, to stay on my own track and not worry so much about what others are doing, but look at my own existence and my responsibility in everything that goes with the pandemic. This week I took on being a leader and the results have been amazing, I have been powerful at work, as a mother, and have been much more productive overall than in a long time (yet feeling like I was in the flow of it all). Thank you Marija, your workshops are always truly inspiring and make such a difference! “

    Karina Hirani Awareness Process Facilitator
  • Marija’s workshop was an invitation for connection & compassion. By honoring what is happening in the body (and in our energy) we can name our emotions & transform them.

    Kira C

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