• SAT, Dec 16, 2023
    11:30AM – 1 PM EST

Your Gifts: “From Burdens to Blessings”

You are blessed with an abundance of gifts. Why are you, then, unable to manifest them fully and share your unique talents with others openly and freely?

These gifts spring from a limitless source: YOU. Your natural SELF is the well from which you draw all of your inspiration, imagination, and creativity. Rather than accessing ALL that you are with ease, you may be experiencing the burden: “I should do more of this,” “I am meant to do more,” or “why can’t I express what I am about easily” etc.

Your access to your gifts is buried under layers of self-doubtuncertainty, and even fear. These layers prevent you from seeing what lies beneath, the beauty and wonder that is YOU.

My work is to guide you to clear up the channel to the source of your talents: YOU. When you connect to your true and natural self, you express your gifts without limitation. It’s incredibly freeing to live life continually expressing your blessings rather than the burden of not accessing all that is truly YOU.

I invite you to register for my workshop to unburden yourself from what is holding you back and clear the path to access your natural gifts.