About Marija parente

Naturally curious and passionate, I left my home country of Montenegro at 17 to complete my High School in the USA, and continued education in New York City receiving a BA in Film and Media Studies from Hunter College, and an MA in Liberal Arts (focusing on Film and Psychology) from CUNY Graduate Center.  

While passion drove my choices, my creativity supported making things happen.  My love of music, art, acting and writing gave me immense joy. I was also looking for ways be true to myself in the world that is filled with so many expectations on how to be.  I wanted answers, not just for myself but for all the souls who don’t want to conform because they know that what is within them is incomparable to what is outside, pulling. 


My Purpose in life became clear: to support individuals to unleash their true expression and be free to create life and art according to their vision.

I studied human behaviour, motivation and spirituality and am certified as a Radical Result Coach, a Family Constellation and the Awareness Process Facilitator, and Reiki Master.

My education and training enable me to support individuals to break free from the existing paradigm of compromise, self-censorship and restraint, and just “go for it” in a way that is natural and effortless.

Having integrated all my expertise and experience, I am the Total Access™️ Coach who enables others to strip away their self-created barriers, blocks and limitations that bury the truth of who they really are, their authentic selves. Why?  Because when we know our true selves, we are naturally limitless, we create with ease and grace and our expression is magnetic and bright and people are drawn to it.

Married, and raising our two sons in New York City, I am intent on igniting a movement of growing awareness, joy and inner peace that begins with one individual at the time that is free, expressive and tapped into their innate creativity