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Eager to explore the world, expand my sense of self, and push the limits of what I thought was possible, I left my home in Montenegro at 17 Studying in the USA, I earned a BA in Film and Media Studies from Hunter College and followed it up with an MA in Liberal Arts, focusing on Film and Psychology at CUNY Graduate Center in New York City.

I’m fueled by a passion for music, art, acting, and writing. In a world full of expectations, I aimed for authenticity, not just for myself but for others who feel pressured to conform.

My goal is simple: I help people discover their true selves and create their lives based on their unique visions.

About Marija parente

I’ve studied human behavior, motivation, and spirituality, becoming certified as a Radical Result Coach, a Family Constellation and Awareness Process Facilitator, and a Reiki Master. This background helps me guide individuals in breaking free from their self-imposed limitations and shaping their lives the way they want.

My approach, Total Access™️, aims to remove barriers and uncover our real potential. I believe that when people reveal their true selves, they can create effortlessly and draw others towards their authenticity.

Balancing my roles as a wife, mother of two in New York City, I’m dedicated to sparking a movement of awareness, joy, and inner peace—one person at a time..

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    • "The day I called Marija, my entire life changed. Her work, simply put, is transformational. Marija provides a no-judgment, safe zone that allows for honest communication, clearing, re-centering and re-structuring your life for success. She gives you the tools that you need to help you envision, and then build, the life of your dreams. As a coach, Marija listens with a trained ear. Marija challenges you to elevate your purpose. She encourages with compassion to overcome fear, move past your comfort zone, and unlock your full potential. Life is a journey, success is within your reach. Marija can help you get there. She is the absolute best at what she does. Give her a call. You will only wish you had done it sooner!"

      Jennifer Miller
      Jennifer Miller Partner at Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel, LLP
    • "Coaching with Marija has been like having my smarter, more evolved, higher self on hand each week to drop the truth when I really need it. There is never a time when I don't feel more freedom, more relief and more possibility after our calls. Whether talking through a place I feel completely stuck or supporting me as I develop a strategy for my business, Marija has intuitive and wise guidance that always elevates me, has me see my strengths and keeps me moving forward with more lightness than I can find alone.  Marija brings years of training, her own deep transformational work and a wise and compassionate heart to every session. I cannot recommend her enough."

      Clare A. Monteau Ph.D.
      Clare A. Monteau Ph.D. CEO Clare Monteau LLC.

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